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Coworking in Manchester CT

Axis901 is a place where entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone with a desire to collaborate can be part of a creative, energetic, and supportive scene. Our current members include web marketers, e-commerce firms, business strategists, app developers, authors, and software engineers.


Axis901 provides a supportive and collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and work-at-home employees come together to share resources, ideas, and mutual support.
  • Coaching
    As part of its mission to build a thriving entrepreneurial community in Manchester, Axis901 offers free expert coaching for both member and non-member entrepreneurs at all stages of the business lifecycle.
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  • Engagement
    A connected community is a healthy community. From monthly member Meet-and-Greets to technology user groups to a TED Talk discussion series, the Axis901 community hosts a wide variety of free educational and social events for both members and the general public.
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  • Community
    The driving force behind Axis901’s thriving community is our members. Check out our membership directory to learn about the developers, teachers, writers, business strategists, coders, insurance experts, and more who help make Axis901 an energetic and supportive place to make and do.
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  • Collaboration
    Collaboration is the natural fruit of co-working. Axis901’s open work environment and eclectic membership provides an authentic cross-pollination among fields and a mutual sharing of skill sets.
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  • Open Work Environment
    The three factors that contribute to successful relationship building are: physical proximity; repeated, unplanned interactions; and an intimate environment that encourages vulnerability. Through its open floor plan, its “always open” coffee station, and its community engagement activities, Axis901 consciously lays the groundwork for successful relationships to form and thrive.
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  • Support
    Behind Axis901’s offerings—coaching and engagement opportunities, the conscious fostering of collaboration, and a floor plan that encourages relationship building—is a simple philosophy: Every success is built on a firm foundation of community support.
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What our members say

Our members love being a part of Axis 901! Being exposed to naturally evolving relationships and business growth resources allows for each unique business to grow.
Member Directory
George J. Constance, Jr.
Connecting with a lot of people who can visualize concepts is really important as well as connecting with people who had the talents to help build the project was important and I found both of those at Axis901.
Jamal Jimerson
Axis will provide the space and opportunity for us to develop fresh ideas, manage our operation, and connect with professionals from a variety of sectors. It's an exciting opportunity for us!
New Leaf Web Solutions
Awesome! Axis 901 gives me a great looking space that I can use to meet with my clients.

All of our Amenities

Axis 901 provides an array of amenities to help run your business and entertain your clients.
  • WI-FI
    Free and secure Wi-Fi is provided to access the internet.
  • Printers
    High end printer/copier/fax/scanner, 3-D printer.
  • Mail Box
    Your own mail box at our address.
  • Free Parking
    Offered behind Axis 901 at the Cottage St. parking lot.
  • Coffee / Tea
    Fuel up for your next great idea.
  • Projector / Whiteboard
    Communicate in style and write down notes instantly.

Be a Part of Axis901

Axis901 has the technology and amenities to meet your needs. Our newly remodeled coworking space includes a variety of workstations, private offices, meeting rooms with projection and teleconferencing capabilities, free Wi-Fi, a copier/scanner/printer/fax machine, a quiet loft space and a break room. If you don’t mind a short walk, parking is free! Or you can buy an affordable pass and park right out back.
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A Proud Partner in Connecticut's CoWorking Scene

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