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Beth Greene: Solo Show- 4/7, 4-8pm March 28, 2017 Events,News,Uncategorized

Join us at Axis901 for a colorful reception, featuring artist, Beth Greene, in her first solo show.

About the Artist:

Beth Greene, a resident of Connecticut, began painting as a young child. While growing up in rural Thompson, her bedroom walls were complete with optical illusion inspired paintings. Precisely brushed and specifically measured, Beth’s room was flourishing with paintings placed edge to edge, and floor to ceiling.

Using any materials she could get her hands on, from the little tins of children’s watercolor paint to markers that faded from exposure to the sun, as well as colored pencils. The insides of cereal boxes and scraps of paper were the canvases in which she used to fill her surroundings with design and color.

Equally fascinated with music Beth began her piano career at 8 years old. She was classically trained and ended up pursuing a degree in music. Teaching piano for 40 years.

Not only was Beth dedicated to art and music, but she also built much of her first home. During this process Beth became an accomplished designer and carpenter. For Beth, building a home is just one very big art project. The houses became the palette she used to design and build furniture. One home led to another, resulting in a passion of buying and flipping homes for many years.

As if this wasn’t amazing enough, Beth also had a very successful birdhouse business, creating custom birdhouses from photos of the buyer’s home. Today people around the world are enjoying her creations. Nails and paint were her medium and wood was her canvas.

Receiving support from her husband Ron and two boys, Eric and Kevin, Beth became even more motivated, using her “I can do that” philosophy into action and a larger than life art project was born.

Now, at 58 years old, Beth has set aside her power tools and is putting brush to canvas. Combining her love of classical music with her love of painting, creating canvases with exciting, musical splashes of color. Her unique paintings are energetic, colorful, and free-spirited, and she is not intimidated by size, preferring very large works.

Beth now resides in Noank, CT, in the latest home building project, and paints in her small, sunny, studio by the water. As always, she is dedicated to her journey.

If you are interested in learning more about Beth Greene, please visit her website below:

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