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Putting Manchester on the Map

ax·is:  an alliance of individuals to promote mutual interests

Axis901 is a unique, municipality-driven coworking space located at 901 Main Street in Downtown Manchester, Connecticut. Axis901 is both a shared work space and a coworking space. Members occupy private desks and offices to get their budding businesses off the ground. While freelancers, telecommuters and small business owners starting out small, get access to our common space and share the traditional hefty expenses of owning a business – utilities, mail services, coffee/tea (to fuel their ideas), and wireless internet to name a few. Our space is affordable for the time that you will need it the most. We hope to be a pathway for businesses starting small, who can then quickly grow and then transition their business into a space of their own, and hopefully here in town.

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Axis901 has the technology and amenities to meet your needs. Our newly remodeled coworking space includes a variety of hotseats, assigned workstations, private offices, conference rooms with projection and teleconferencing capabilities, free Wi-Fi, a copier/scanner/printer/fax machine, a quiet loft space and a break room. If you don’t mind a short walk, parking is free! Or you can buy an affordable parking pass and park right out back.
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